The Radisha Drah, also known as the Woman, was the influential sister of the Prince of Taglios, the Prahbrindrah Drah. Taglios had a very strict caste system, in which women were near the bottom, so she was forced to work politically in the shadows, with her brother taking the credit and blame for her successes.

She worked closely with the court wizard Smoke, who provided one of her largest sources of intelligence. Smoke made her aware of the Black Company's arrival long before it occurred, as well as the Shadowmasters' attack on Taglios. The Radisha enlisted Blade, Cordy Mather, and Willow Swan to repel the initial assault. She then led them, as well as Smoke, to meet the Black Company on their way to Taglios and learn about them. She worked to convince them to help Taglios destroy the Shadowmasters.

When the Black Company lost the Battle of Dejagore, she attempted to assume greater power for the state over the numerous cults, which was a constant struggle in Taglian politics.

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