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The Protectorate was the name of the combined, sprawling empire of Taglios and the former Shadowlands established by Soulcatcher (the "Protector") when she consolidated the two regions in the 15-year gap between She Is the Darkness and Water Sleeps. Soulcatcher's early Protectorate triumphed over the Black Company during the 5-year-long Kiaulune wars.

Life under the Protectorate was sufficiently tyrannical and unpredictable that a number of the pacifist Bhodi disciples burned themselves to death outside the Palace of Taglios in protest. Despite her despotism and cruelty, Soulcatcher despised the widespread corruption that was ingrained in Taglian culture, and uprooted it wherever she found it.

Although Soulcatcher, a foreign sorceress, was the undisputed ruler of Taglios during this time period, the regular affairs of government were administered mostly by native Taglians represented in her Privy Council. The Princess, the Radisha Drah (sister of the Captured Prince, the Prahbrindrah Drah) retained some influence but was primarily a figurehead. The newly-established police force was staffed entirely by Shadar men and known as the Greys, led first by the foreigner Willow Swan and then later by Ghopal Singh. As for the military, Mogaba was appointed the "Great General" of Taglios.

Despite defeating the Black Company during the preceding Kiaulune wars, the Protectorate was overthrown by Company during the events of Soldiers Live. The key battles and events in this later war between the Company and the Protectorate were:

  1. the capture of the fort at Nijha,
  2. the capture of Gharhawnes,
  3. the bloodless capture of Dejagore,
  4. the pitched Battle of the Middle Ground,
  5. the pitched Battle at the Shadowlander cemetery, and
  6. the climactic Siege of Taglios.