The Privy Council was a group of high-ranking government, military, and religious officials of Taglios convened by Soulcatcher during her regime, the Protectorate. They answered to the Protector (the dictator) and to the Princess, the Radisha Drah.

Water SleepsEdit

In Water Sleeps, the Privy Council consisted of:

Sleepy, the Annalist and ranking member of the underground Black Company, would orchestrate the abductions of Purohita Drupada, Inspector-General Gokhale, and Willow Swan in Water Sleeps. Afterward, Soulcatcher added and dismissed members of the Privy Council rapidly.

The unidentified leader of the City Battalions may have been a member of the Privy Council at this time, but it was not specified.

Soldiers LiveEdit

In Soldiers Live, the Privy Council included:

By Soldiers Live, the new Purohita, Selvas Gupta, had held the position for an impressive year.

After Soulcatcher was captured and Mogaba was killed, the Protectorate was overthrown. The Radisha and Aridatha Singh almost certainly reconstituted the Privy Council or replaced it with a similar body of leaders.

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