The Plain of Dano-Patha is a region located along (or at least near) the northern shore of the southern continent, presumably bordering the Sea of Torments. It is far to the east of Beryl, the most ancient of the Jewel Cities. The Plain is mentioned just once, in The Silver Spike, where it is described as having a storied and bloody history:

... the Plain of Dano-Patha, where a hundred armies had contested the right of passage north or south or east and where some legends said the Last Battle of Time would be fought between Light and Darkness.

The Plain of Dano-Patha is the tenth specified location in the long, overland odyssey traveled by the demon called Toadkiller Dog, who was following the trail of his new enemy, the Limper. Toadkiller Dog passed through the Plain only after swimming the River Bigotes and the Hyclades, and traversing the Rani Poor desert, the lifeless landscapes of Barbara, Laba Larada, Khun, the Canyons of the Undead, the ruins of the temple city of Marsha the Devastator, and the populated province of Karsus. A "black rider armed with a spear of fire" (one of the Lady's Imperial successors) witnessed the demon race across the Plain and then continue eastward, to cross the Mountains of Sinjian, the Straits of Angine, and onward into the northern continent, to the Tower at Charm.

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