Physician is a position in the Black Company. The physician is the medic and the primary battlefield surgeon, and is also responsible for hygiene and sanitation. Only Croaker was a physician in the proper sense during the modern Annals, but he was often assisted by One-Eye on account of his life-saving knowledge of healing magic. Croaker and One-Eye performed surgeries together, perhaps most notably during the Battle of Charm, when their makeshift surgery was assaulted by the forvalaka. They were rescued by the giant Taken known as Bonegnasher.

Croaker had a few understudies and apprentices (Minkus Scudd, Edmous Black, Pockets, and Joro) but to Croaker's chagrin, they were not a lasting presence in the Company. Tobo the sorcerer would become a healer among the band during the final chronicle, Soldiers Live.

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