Pham Quang was a member of the Nyueng Bao De Duang race who survived the Siege of Dejagore. A disciple of Uncle Doj's Path of the Sword, Pham Quang became one of the unofficial bodyguards to Old Crew of the Black Company. He then became one of the Captured.

Bleak SeasonsEdit

Although he is not mentioned by name during Bleak Seasons, Pham Quang did survive the harrowing Siege of Dejagore. During the siege, the Nyueng Bao pilgrimage was reduced to one third of its original population during a mass murder at the hands of Taglian soldiers loyal to Mogaba. He and many other Nyueng Bao men chose to become Company bodyguards out of a profound sense of loyalty and gratitude, because Murgen and the Company helped saved the remainder of their population (about 600 people).

It was not specified which member of the Old Crew he vowed to guard. But it was likely one of the following: Otto; Hagop; Red Rudy; Wheezer; Candles; Sparkle; Cletus; Loftus; Longinus; or less likely, Freak).

She Is the DarknessEdit

Pham Quang was among those who accompanied Croaker and Lady through the shadowgate onto the glittering plain. There, he became one of the Captured, a group of about 35 people trapped by Soulcatcher in the cave of the ancients beneath the fortress with no name, at the end of She Is the Darkness.

Water SleepsEdit

Fifteen years later, Sleepy led a rescue mission, where they found Pham Quang in stasis situated across from Ochiba and Isi. He is not mentioned by name again in the Annals. Though Pham Quang was not among the 5 individuals rescued during the first wave of awakenings, he was liberated during one of Sleepy's subsequent expeditions.

According to a blanket statement about the Captured, Pham Quang somehow died afterward. Less than five years after the last of the Captured were freed, Croaker would record in Soldiers Live that only he (Croaker) and Lady remained alive.

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