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The Path of the Sword was hybrid religion and martial art practiced by Uncle Doj and some other members of the Nyueng Bao De Duang. It revolved around a ritualised fighting style using two-handed swords such as Ash Wand, and also had a robust philosophical slant. By the time of the Books of Glittering Stone, only a handful of practitioners were known to remain, specifically: Uncle Doj; his best disciple Thai Dei; several other men who served as bodyguards for the Old Crew; the aged but spry Ky Gota; and later Tobo.

She Is the Darkness[]

Uncle Doj frequently encouraged Murgen to practice the forms and exercises of the Path in She Is the Darkness. Murgen wrote in his Annals:

The Path of the Sword, the complex of ritualized exercises associated with his two-handed longsword style of fighting could become almost as restful and free of pain as was walking with the ghost. Although Uncle Doj has been teaching me since I became part of the family, it is still difficult for me to get into the sort of trance the Path requires.

Water Sleeps[]

Sleepy wrote that the Path of the Sword "was not militaristic, but others had trouble grasping that fact" in her Annals of Water Sleeps.

In the Palace of Taglios, Soulcatcher revealed to the Radisha Drah that she had already killed all the masters of the Path of the Sword who had remained in the Nyueng Bao swamps. This referred to her invasion of the Vinh Gao Ghang Temple of Ghanghesha that took place concurrently with the events of Bleak Seasons, when she stole the golden pickax.

A Master of the Path of the Sword? That would explain a lot. But I killed them all when I— [....] It's been a long time since I visited those people. They may be able to tell me something useful.

Soulcatcher flew out on her flying carpet and terrorized the Nyueng Bao swamp a second time, hunting unsuccessfully for the hidden Black Company.

Soldiers Live[]

Uncle Doj was widely recognized to be the only true master of the Path left. The Path suffered a major blow when both Doj and his best disciple Thai Dei were killed by the Khadidas during the Battle of the Middle Ground. Besides possible unspecified students in the Nyueng Bao swamp, only Tobo and some of Doj's "cronies" remained of the Path after this. Doj's remaining disciples insisted that his corpse should be exposed – laid out on a high platform and left until its bones remained – instead of incinerated in a funeral pyre. They claimed this was the proper send-off for a high priest of the Path of the Sword, but, they were overruled by more traditional Nyueng Bao, and his remains were placed in a pyre.

In Soldiers Live, Croaker wondered why the Black Company never encountered any Path of the Sword followers throughout their 4 years in Hsien (the origin of the first Nyueng Bao). None of the Company's recruits from Hsien Tobo confidently stated: "That's easy. The Shadowmasters wiped them out. They were the warrior caste. They kept fighting till there weren't any of them left." Tobo was referring to the time period in the distant past when Longshadow and his brethren, a race of outsider sorcerers, invaded and conquered Hsien. However plausible Tobo's explanation, neither Croaker nor Lady found it persuasive.