Padora is a city on the southern continent where Croaker the Annalist was born. He revisited his birthplace in Shadow Games.

Pandora is situated south of nearby Rebosa. It lies less than 300 miles south of Beryl, a Jewel City on the coast of the Sea of Torments.

Before Croaker's Annals Edit

Padora was the birthplace of Croaker the Annalist. His childhood home was a tenement on one of Padora's "asphalted avenues". There he hid under tables as a child when his father would have his frequent, but brief, flashes of explosive rage. Padora was also where he learned medicine and surgery from a local "toothless ancient" who was a physician.

The mercenary Black Company accepted a commission in Padora during Croaker's youth. Croaker was accepted into their ranks with the sponsorship of Elmo, who might have been from the same city.

Shadow GamesEdit

Although Padora was a significant trade hub in the region, Croaker asserted it had no strategic military value. So when he learned the city of his birth had became part of the Lady's Empire by the time of Shadow Games, it came as a surprise to him.

Croaker, his small band of Company survivors, plus a handful of new recruits, all passed through Padora during their southward trek toward fabled Khatovar. Now, however, Croaker was an Imperial legate. When he walked near his childhood tenement, he briefly spotted a woman who might have been his sister, since she resembled his grandmother. But Croaker made no effort to reconnect with his past. They soon marched onward to Kale and beyond.

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