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Outsweeper was the Black Company's dedicated grave keeper. Where possible, he was charged with burying any and all members of the Company who perished while serving and whose remains were found and saved. He was also responsible for writing the inscriptions on their memorial stones.

Port of Shadows[]

Croaker spoke of Outsweeper on several occasions in his Annals written during the Black Company's time in Aloe. The Company made a deal with the owner of an apple orchard half a mile from the Company's compound to allow Outsweeper to bury their dead there during their stay. Croaker visited the grave site and recorded the names of the deceased and Outsweeper's inscriptions:

  • Tudèle Lagleize: Unblemished by too pedantic a regard for the truth
  • Sleepy Eyes: Overcome with ugliness
  • Fancy Prance: Even if I die in the gutter I have to fall forward
  • Guust Nolet: Cross-dressing in plain sight
  • Hika Nolet: Redheaded cross-dressing demon whisperer
    • Croaker notes in an aside, "These sisters had been seriously nasty. Hika may have fallen to friendly fire"
  • Flea Hjalti: Inflexible Irresolution
  • Drought: Evil is hard work
  • Ingrath Bat: A cowbird's egg in a nest of lies
  • Fade Shulabat: A Child of Mist and Darkness
  • Minkus Scudd: Put to death with special indignity
    • Croaker notes in an aside, "Executed, not slain by enemy action, for criminal stupidity"
  • Otters: The proud do not endure
  • Three Apples: We are none of us infallible, not even the youngest among us
  • Wilt: I do not think that he will have been improved by death
  • Copperhead: He heard the stars
  • Sergeant Poor: Getting on with the ass-kicking
  • Mistry: Worn weak with lack of wonder
  • Bachimen: He had to blink