The Many Deaths of the Black Company

The spear, depicted on the cover of The Many Deaths of the Black Company (art by Raymond Swanland)

An enchanted spear was created by the minor wizard One-Eye of the Black Company during the Siege of Dejagore. For more than a decade afterward, One-Eye continually layered it with increasingly powerful spells. The weapon played a crucial role in at least two combat situations involving Croaker not long after One-Eye's own death in Soldiers Live. One-Eye drunkenly called the weapon a "Shadowmaster blaster" and years later Croaker once referred to it as Godslayer.

Both its wooden shaft and its metal blade were black. The entire spear was covered in silver runes and inscriptions of an unknown alphabet. Its true power was the ability to pierce magical defenses. The spear was imbued with spells and was designed to kill sorcerers and magical beasts. It was used to gravely injure and finally kill Lisa Daele Bowalk, and later, was used by Goblin in his final attack upon the goddess Kina.

During the Siege of Dejagore, One-Eye discussed his weapon as follows:

Loftus shoots, this stick won't be in the air five seconds. That's all the time he'll have to figure out what's coming and what to do to unravel the spells that are there to keep him from turning it. Most of the spells are designed to penetrate his personal protection, counting on him not having time to do anything actively. Because I wanted to concentrate on piercing one point in a passive . . .
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