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The Old Crew was one of two factions of the Black Company which formed during the notorious Siege of Dejagore. The other faction was the Nar, led by Mogaba. The actions of the Old Crew are partially described in Dreams of Steel (written by Lady) but are much more clearly detailed in the flashback sequences of Bleak Seasons.


The Old Crew was led by Murgen – the Company Annalist and standard-bearer – and consisted primarily of the men who joined prior to the recruitment of the Nar at Gea-Xle. With only 5 exceptions, most Old Crew were actually relatively new recruits. They were characterized by their loyalty to Croaker (who was presumed deceased) and the written Annals. Croaker, a hostage of Soulcatcher, was not present during the siege and was not considered part of the Old Crew.

Relationship with the Nar[]

Trapped within the walls of Dejagore, the Old Crew and the Nar had a deteriorating relationship that devolved into outright bloodshed. By the time the Old Crew was able to evacuate the city, they numbered 40. Until the Nyueng Bao became their allies, the Old Crew's best support came from the friendly Taglian al-Khul Company, a group of reliable Vehdna soldiers numbering only about 60.

The Nar never numbered more than 33, and of these, only 17 survived both the siege and the preceding Battle of Dejagore. But, though the Nar were fewer in number, they were politically much more powerful than the Old Crew, as Mogaba controlled a far larger force of loyal Taglians, the most noteworthy of which were the survivors of the First Legion.

Relationship with the Nyueng Bao[]

Since the Old Crew was instrumental in rescuing more than 600 members of the Nyueng Bao De Duang pilgrimage from a genocide sponsored by Mogaba, most of them later received Nyueng Bao bodyguards who were disciples of Uncle Doj's Path of the Sword. A noteworthy exception to this was Sleepy, who joined during the siege, and who did not receive a particular Nyueng Bao bodyguard.

List of members[]


Named Old Crew members are listed below. Wherever possible, they are numbered in the order in which they were sworn into the Black Company. After Murgen, the rest were newly-recruited in Shadow Games, with the exception of Sleepy, who was sworn in during the siege itself.

  1. One-Eye
  2. Goblin
  3. Otto
  4. Hagop
  5. Murgen (the group's leader as Annalist & standard-bearer)
  6. Big Bucket
  7. Red Rudy
  8. Candles
  9. Sparkle
  10. Cletus
  11. Loftus
  12. Longinus
  13. Wheezer
  14. Geek
  15. Freak
  16. Sleepy (an outlier, as she joined after the Nar were sworn in, during the siege)


It is unclear if Shadid, Patience, and their two unidentified roi companions survived the Battle of Dejagore to be trapped during the siege. If they were present, then they would have been among the ~45 unnamed members of the Old Crew.