The officer's batons were ancient relics of the Black Company, one of which resurfaced in Shadow Games. They were mentioned throughout the historical Annals until the battle at Sham where they disappeared from the Company's inventory. One of them remained in the possession of the Nar, the military ruling class of Gea-Xle. This last baton was turned over by the Nar to Croaker, the Captain. The Nar also turned over the first, otherwise forgotten Black Company standard, all as part of their revelation that the Nar were descendants of Company men from many generations prior.

Croaker described the baton as follows:

a black stick about an inch and a quarter in diameter and fifteen inches long, carved from some heavy wood, decorated all over with ugly what-is-its.

Croaker used the officer's baton to break up a fight among his own men in Taglios. While Frogface and the snake imp grappled, Croaker used the baton to knock One-Eye and Goblin upside the head during their drunken sorcery duel at Willow Swan's brewery. Unlike their previous face-offs, this duel had an "undercurrent of viciousness" because their typically petty rivalry had recently become genuinely dangerous.

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