Map of the Northern Continent by Devi's Bazaar

Map of the Northern Continent by Devi's Bazaar.

The northern continent of the homeworld was where the Domination and the Lady's Empire were located. Most of the events of the Books of the North, as well as much of The Silver Spike, took place here. Its southern boundary is the Sea of Torments, beneath which lies the southern continent.

Natural featuresEdit

Major natural features include:

Cities and civilizationsEdit

Central region (north to south):

Western ocean coastal region (north to south):

Eastern region

  • the city of Lords, west of the Plain of Fear
  • the village of Spit, also west of the Plain of Fear
  • an arc of five massive cities east of the Plain of Fear:
  • the cities/towns of Rue, Hull, and Were, also apparently east of the Plain
  • the republic of Aloe, farther east
  • the Imperial province of Tally in the far east, formerly an independent kingdom; containing two major towns: Tome and Heart
  • the kingdom of Tambor in the far, distant northeast
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