The North Side referred to the slums of the city of Oar. During The Silver Spike, two thugs from the downtrodden North Side (Smeds Stahl and his cousin Tully Stahl) established their gang of four spike thieves. They goal was simply to sell the spike to the highest bidder, to finally escape the poverty of the North Side. Another spike thief was Timmy Locan, whose parents were actually homeowners in the North Side but were still poor like everyone else.

The North Side was not spared when the Limper, Toadkiller Dog, and their ragtag force containing mainly savages from the Great Forest swept through Oar and sacked the city. According to Mrs. Cisco, an elderly resident, Timmy Locan's father and two brothers were all killed trying to put out fires, and his mother and sister were raped. Later, the neighborhood presumably suffered even more when the entire city was quarantined by the Nightstalker Brigade and suffered a cholera outbreak.

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