The Nightstalker Brigade was the most elite unit of the Lady's Empire, specializing in hunting wizards. They were "the crack outfit in the northern army, rigorously trained for night operations and combat under wizard's war conditions".

The Nightstalkers were renowned for routing the Black Company at the Battle of Queen's Bridge. During this battle, the Company lost 100 members (half its strength) and even the Annals were abandoned during the Company's hasty retreat. According to Case: "before Queen's Bridge [the Company] had been so glibly invincible that half the empire had been convinced the gods themselves were on their side".

During The Silver Spike, the Nightstalkers and their commander, Brigadier Wildbrand, were stationed in Oar by Gossamer and Spidersilk (powerful twin sorcerers from the Tower at Charm). They overturned the entire city and questioned every resident in their search for the stolen silver spike.

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