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The New White Rose Rebellion was Darling's Rebel movement against the Lady's Empire. It began during the 4 years after Shadows Linger when Darling's core of support – the Black Company – was on the run from the Lady's new Taken. This includes some of the short stories of the On The Long Run arc as well as presumably the Battle of Queen's Bridge. Then, after Darling and the Company entered the Plain of Fear, they spent 2 uneventful and disappointing years arranging couriers between Rebel cells which were embedded within Imperial cities (mostly in the east). Finally, the clash between the New White Rose Rebellion and the Empire expanded dramatically during the The White Rose.

Darling's standard for her Rebel movement was a vermilion banner with a white rose embroidered in silk.

The White Rose[]

At the onset of The White Rose, the New White Rose Rebellion was comprised of the Black Company (numbering only about 50) which guarded Darling in the Hole out in the Plain of Fear, and, various secret local cells throughout the Empire (led by individuals like Corder and Sir Tucker). When the fighting began in earnest, Darling's armies contained whole armies of nonhuman allies: the monsters of the Plain (most importantly windwhales, mantas, walking trees, and menhirs).

Military engagements with the Empire[]

Noteworthy military events of the New White Rose Rebellion were:

  1. a failed raid of the Imperial garrison at Tanner (before ch. 1)
  2. a raid of the Limper's headquarters outside Rust proper (chs. 17 and 18)
  3. a raid of Whisper's headquarters within Spit (ch. 24)
  4. a siege of the city of Frost (ch. 39)
  5. a siege of one of Whisper's new Plain forts, featuring the walking trees (ch. 39)
  6. a dramatic aerial skirmish near Horse, featuring new types of flying carpets (ch. 41)

Alliance with the Empire against the Dominator[]

The New White Rose Rebellion and the Lady's Empire became allies after Darling and the Lady established a truce in person. They joined forces to eliminate the greater threat – the Dominator – who was soon to escape the Great Barrow after about 422 years buried there. Darling's null and her Plain monsters were key elements in finally bringing down the old evil during the Battle of the Barrowland. The New White Rose Rebellion ceased to exist after this battle. However, Darling did fly the banner of the White Rose one last time during The Silver Spike.

The Silver Spike[]

Darling unfurled her vermilion White Rose banner on the walls of Oar in The Silver Spike. Commanding a massive horde of Father Tree's fearsome Plain creatures, she utilized the White Rose imagery and reputation to intimidate the Imperial forces that were scouring the city for the silver spike.

Comparison to prior Rebel movements[]

A predecessor Rebel movement in The Black Company, led by the Circle of Eighteen, also wore the White Rose and claimed to be guided by her reincarnation, but this was false. This larger group had actually been orchestrated by the Dominator. They were largely wiped out at the Battle of Charm. Ironically, young Darling helped the Empire and the Black Company against this movement, at Charm.

Likewise, in Shadows Linger, a subsequent Rebel movement in Tally (after the Circle, but, before Darling) fancied themselves followers of the White Rose. But they were not guided by the genuine reincarnation of the White Rose, either.