Necropolitan Hill was a cemetery and ancient tomb complex outside of Beryl. It was divided into two enclosures with the upper reserved for the mausoleum's of the wealthy elite, while the lower composed of the cremated remains of the masses. At the top lay a reinforced vault constructed by cities forefathers, to seal in 54 forvalaka which had terrorized the city and ruled it for a number of years. It had a bronze plaque on the entrance which acted as a warning to would-be intruders.

The Black Company Edit

During the Black Company's time in Beryl the tomb was breached which released its last surviving forvalaka and set it upon the residents of the city. When Croaker and the Company wizards went to investigate the tomb they found the skeletons of several deceased forvalaka, and deduced only one escaped which had previously fed upon the others during its imprisonment. Much later, it is revealed that Soulcatcher and Shapeshifter were the probable culprits behind the opening of the tomb, as part of their plan to recruit the Black Company to the Lady's service, and annex Beryl into her empire.

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