Neat was one of the Rebels who opposed the Lady's Empire in Shadows Linger.

Shadows LingerEdit

Neat was a mid-level leader of the local Rebel movement in the new eastern Imperial province of Tally. He and his companions had not done anything more than ambush the occasional Imperial courier, but, the Lady tolerated no insurrection. She sent the Black Company to root them out. Neat's 10-year-old nephew considered him to be gutless on account of the Rebel's lack of truly bold resistance.

Neat utilized his nephew and younger niece as lookouts when the Black Company arrived in the area. Goblin and two other Company riders captured the children, however, and Neat realized what happened. He and some other Rebel men went to Madle's tavern, where Neat announced that they should scatter the outfit. But his visit to the tavern was anticipated by the Company. A veteran team consisting of Silent, Croaker, Candy, Pawnbroker, Kingpin, and Otto were discreetly playing tonk. They killed Neat and his companions in an ambush. Just short of two-dozen other Rebels stumbled into the same trap at the tavern later, and suffered the same fate as Neat. Almost one hundred more raided the tavern to avenge Neat and the others, but were killed in grueling combat or were executed afterward.

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