Mowfat was one of 100 young male Taglians, all under the age 25, who reported to Goblin during his "Shaded Road" commando operation in She Is the Darkness. He and the other Taglians were interested in joining the Black Company, so Goblin had sold them the idea that the operation was an entrance exam.

She Is the DarknessEdit

Mowfat was part of the "Shaded Road" commando force led by Goblin. They conducted a distant campaign ordered by Croaker to mobilize reliable fighters south of the Dandha Presh. Although they spread considerable fear throughout Mogaba's ranks and the villages which were loyal to the Protectorate, the primary goal of Shaded Road was to provide insurance for the Company if the Prahbrindrah Drah betrayed Croaker in his role as Liberator.

Goblin, his Nyueng Bao bodyguard Thien Duc, a dimwitted sworn Company brother called Bubba-do, Mowfat, and their division secretly left Taglios. They sailed downriver on the great river, cut their way through 200 miles of inhospitable Nyueng Bao swamp at the river's delta, and took to the western sea. After passing through a fog bank, they landed on the coast of the Shindai Kus desert where they overcame awful terrain and predatory monsters. They marched undetected into the cold, southern slopes of the Dandha Presh and were joined by Lisa Daele Bowalk in her fearful, beastly forvalaka form.

The group cut their teeth picking off fugitive and deserter Shadowlanders from Mogaba's armies. Then, they began killing the officers of the larger groups that appeared, the most notable of which was the Nar Khucho. Whenever the Shadowlanders organized to counterattack, Goblin's glamours and illusions sent them in the wrong directions. They spread so much fear in Mogaba's ranks that the entire force of Shadowlanders cracked and scattered. Goblin, Mowfat, and the others faded into the wilds, headed south.

Next they participated in many night raids and pillaged villages which cooperated with Mogaba. All the while they were surrounded by crows, which turned out to be Soulcatcher's spies. Goblin deduced that Bowalk the forvalaka was a double agent for Mogaba, and would soon try to kill him, so he laid a trap for Bowalk. When she moved to attack Goblin, she actually bit into a scarecrow that he had spelled so it would be impossible for her to release her jaw's grip. Mowfat then arrived and informed Goblin that Mogaba's large clean-up team was heading straight for them, less than a mile away. They ambushed the group of Shadowlanders, delivering heavy casualties.

If Mowfat survived that fighting, he would have participated in Goblin's ambush and capture of the Prahbrindrah Drah – the prince of Taglios who recently betrayed the Company. He is not mentioned again, and it is unspecified if he ever swore the oath to officially join the Company.

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