Motrin Hanin was a Rebel assassin mentioned in The Black Company. He was a nephew of Harden (one of the most powerful and prominent of the sorcerer-generals of the Circle of Eighteen) and had some familial relationship with Whisper, Harden's cousin and another major member of the Circle. Motrin Hanin was known to travel in Forsberg with Harden alongside Field Major Reef, Harden's chief-of-staff.

The Black CompanyEdit

Motrin Hanin was mentioned only once in the Annals, in the context of an ambush where he actually was not present. The ambush was conducted by Shapeshifter, one of the Ten Who Were Taken, in Oar. Although many Rebels were killed in this operation, the true target was the Limper, another of the Taken. Shapeshifter transformed himself to look like a local Rebel informant named Cornie, and then used a glamour to make several Black Company men look like Rebel leaders: Raven appeared to be Harden; Elmo appeared to be Field Major Reef; and Croaker appeared to be Motrin Hanin. They used these likenesses to infiltrate a hidden Rebel cell where the Limper's enforcer, the Imperial colonel Zouad, was being tortured.

Nothing else about Motrin Hanin is detailed in the Annals, and his fate is unspecified. It is likely he was from the eastern boundary of the Lady's Empire, possibly the large city Rust, since he was a nephew of Harden, who was a cousin of Whisper. He presumably served Harden during his successful siege of Lords, which was defended by Soulcatcher, Nightcrawler, a few thousand Imperial regulars, and most of the Black Company. He would have participated in the subsequent battle across the Windy Country and at the Stair of Tear. He may have been among those killed at the Stair during Shapeshifter's sneak attacks or during Harden's assassination. If he survived those bloody events, odds are very strong that he was among the tens of thousands of Rebels killed at the climactic Battle of Charm.

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