Moth was a sorcerer and a member of the Circle of Eighteen. As a member of the Circle, Moth was the leader of a significant Rebel force warring against the Imperial armies of the Lady and her generals, the Ten Who Were Taken.

Moth is mentioned by name only five times in the annals of Croaker.

Moth was one of many members of the Circle who were soundly defeated by Whisper in the east. Whisper had been the most powerful member of the Circle, but subsequently became the first of the new Taken. Moth fought alongside Sidle on the Plain of Fear, where Whisper defeated them. They both survived this defeat, however, and, alongside another member of the Circle called Linger, joined Harden's massive army at the Stair of Tear. Amid the fighting at the Stair, the Taken Shapeshifter assassinated both Moth and Linger, and grievously wounded Sidle.

Soulcatcher considered Moth to be part of the "heart" of the Rebel's strength, and she informed Croaker that the order to kill Moth came straight from the Lady.

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