Morningstar was the wife of Raven and mother of his two children. She betrayed Raven shortly before the Black Company arrived in the northern continent, and paid with her life in The Black Company.

The Black CompanyEdit

Morningstar was born into an aristocratic family of the flourishing Jewel City called Opal. She was placed into an arranged, loveless marriage with the young Baronet Corvo, another aristocrat with significant properties, titles, and honors. As Case would uncover many years later, there was a noteworthy rumor that the marriage was an attempt to end a feud that had been going on for a hundred years, and that it did not succeed as intended. Morningstar bore twins: a girl and a boy.

Baronet Corvo and many of the men in his family were early supporters of the Lady's Empire. While he was serving the Empire elsewhere, Morningstar took lovers who were associated with the Limper (the Lady's imperial governor in Opal). Then, the Limper, his enforcers Zouad and Lane, Morningstar, and her lovers all orchestrated the seizure of the baronet's properties and titles. They did this by framing many of the leading Corvo men for crimes, causing them to be executed unjustly. The Limper also sent the young baronet himself someplace where Morningstar and her friends attempted to assassinate him. Although the conspirators believed they had killed him, he survived the ambush. He abandoned his twin children and took on an essentially new identity as the wanderer Raven to seek revenge. This occurred around the time that the Black Company arrived in Opal.

Morningstar and two men (presumably her lovers) had the ill fortune to be at the Gardens in Opal at the same time when Raven had his first meeting with the Black Company. He quickly killed the two men with his dagger, and strangled his wife with his left hand in front of countless witnesses. Croaker, a witness, recorded in his Annals that she expected no mercy in her very last moments.

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