Moonshadow was one of the four Shadowmasters. He was a sorcerer of significant power, and the companion and apparently lover of Stormshadow. Like Stormshadow, he was a "home grown" Shadowmaster, meaning, he was from the homeworld, and not from the unknown world from which Longshadow and Shadowspinner originated. However, unlike his companion Stormshadow, he was not one of the Ten Who Were Taken.

Before the Annals[edit | edit source]

Moonshadow rose to power with Longshadow, Shadowspinner, and Stormshadow, and they established the Shadowlands in the deep south of the world. He became Stormshadow's companion, but the other two Shadowmasters soon turned against them and one another, quarreling for control. They finally rejoined forces in fear of Shapeshifter and the Black Company as this group traveled southward toward the Shadowmasters' holdings.

Shadow Games[edit | edit source]

Moonshadow participated in the Battle of Dejagore. He arrived with a relief force of roughly 15,000 Shadowlanders the morning after Dejagore was liberated by the Black Company and its allies from Taglios. The Company's sorcerers Goblin and One-Eye created an illusionary legion, which Croaker led in his black armor and fiery sword. Among the illusion there were also real soldiers (less than 1,000) and war elephants. In the last moment the elephants attacked the Shadowmaster and crushed him, even though he fired off powerful spells which caused some of the elephants to burst. Murgen impaled Moonshadow's broken body on the Lance of Passion, but the Shadowmaster was still alive. Despite Moonshadow being neutralized, his forces joined up with Shadowspinner's force and were victorious. They turned the tide against their enemies, seizing the field.

Dreams of Steel[edit | edit source]

Moonshadow, still impaled upon the lance, and Croaker, were both kidnapped by Soulcatcher and removed from the Battle of Dejagore. Upon removing his mask, Soulcatcher realized (much to her surprise) that Moonshadow was not one of the Ten Who Were Taken. She tortured him for information about his origin, but received no answers. Before moving on, she burned Moonshadow to ashes, using the lance to keep his body in the fire. As she travels, she disposes of Moonshadow's ashes pinch by pinch, ensuring that he is well and truly disposed of.

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