Moonbiter, also referred to as Moondog or simply Biter, was one the Ten Who Were Taken.

The Black CompanyEdit

Moonbiter did not have many interactions with the Black Company, and information regarding this Taken is scarce. Biter's Barrowland sigil showed a "beast head with a circle in its mouth".

Moonbiter played a role in the defense of the The Tower during the Battle of Charm against the armies of the Rebels commanded by the Circle of Eighteen. On the same night that Nightcrawler was reportedly killed by Rebel action, the Faceless Man and Moonbiter were said to have been killed, "consumed by feud among the Taken", and possibly by one another. Moonbiter was not heard from again, and the report of this Taken's death is presumed to be accurate.

Bleak SeasonsEdit

Years later, Black Company veterans Otto and Hagop would take a fourteen-thousand-mile round trip to gather information in an attempt to learn the identity of Longshadow, and to return to the deep south with their findings. They reported that everyone in the north was certain that the Faceless Man, Moonbiter, and Nightcrawler were indeed killed at Charm, despite the fact that no bodies for any of the three could be found. The suspicion that Longshadow could be one of the Ten would later be disproved.


The Gender of the TakenEdit

The gender of all of the Ten Who Were Taken is not explicitly specified. If the Faceless Man was male, then by process of elimination Moonbiter must be the third female Taken. This perfectly fits the Lady's knowledge that the three women among the Ten were betraying her in support of the Dominator. The Faceless Man died defending the Lady against the traitor, just as Bonegnasher died fighting the female traitor Stormbringer days earlier.

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