Monitor was the title of the commander of the Eternal Guard, tasked with maintaining the Barrowland and with keeping its powerful prisoners trapped within. The position was presumably established upon the creation of the group after the successful White Rose Rebellion against the Domination.

Four Monitors are mentioned in the Annals:

  1. Besand: the old, dedicated Monitor who was always wary of Bomanz, featured during the "flashback" narrative of The White Rose
  2. "The Jackal": Besand's hated replacement who was installed by secret Resurrectionists
  3. The Monitor during Shadows Linger: became acquainted with Croaker during the Company's first visit to the Barrowland, but, Croaker did not specify his name in the Annals
  4. Colonel Sweet: the Monitor during the modern narrative of The White Rose

The Lady and the Ten Who Were Taken escaped the Barrowland during the tenth passage of the Great Comet, shortly after the Jackal was installed. "Monitor" remained the title of the Eternal Guard's commander, but, the Guard as an outfit ceased being independent, and instead became a special unit of the Lady's Imperial forces.

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