Moma Sharrael was an influential member of the secret Stranglers cult who appeared in Dreams of Steel. After his death, his blood was used to permanently stain the hands of his fellow cultists, bringing about their ruin.

Dreams of SteelEdit

Moma Sharrael was a black rumel man and a jamadar, meaning he was a respected leader of his own band of Strangler cultists. He was of Vehdna background. Moma's reputation nearly rivaled that of Narayan Singh, the most influential black rumel man alive. Moma was present at the gathering of Stranglers at the Grove of Doom during which Lady was to be admitted into the cult. He was introduced to Lady there, who suspected that he killed for selfish gain, and not for the glory of his goddess Kina.

It was Moma who executed the cult's unannounced life-or-death test of Lady. He attempted to strangle her with his black rumel, but Lady, whose reflexes and actions were supernaturally guided by Kina herself, ripped the weapon from the man's hand and killed him. She then discarded her yellow rumel and pocketed her assailant's weapon, becoming a black rumel herself. She then slashed Moma's jugular and, using her newly-restored sorcery, applied permanent blood stains onto the hands of the Strangler jamadars present, branding them for life. Stranglers with the red-stained hands of Moma's blood would become targets of immense value later, after the Stranglers betray the Lady by kidnapping her newborn daughter.

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