Minh Bhu was sworn brother of the Black Company from Hsien who appeared in Soldiers Live. He was at least one decade younger than Runmust Singh.

Minh participated in Sleepy's war against Soulcatcher's Protectorate. He was chosen to be a ranger because he had seen prior action serving the warlords in Hsien, and, he both understood and accepted Company doctrine.

Soldiers LiveEdit

Minh was one of the best Company soldiers from Hsien. Runmust Singh admired him and his companions for their remarkable silence and patience as rangers. Runmust, his brother Iqbal Singh, Minh, and the other rangers from Hsien fought the Protectorate garrison from Nijha. It was a bloodbath for the Protectorate forces. However, all but two of the Company's rangers suffered serious wounds, and, a valuable Company prisoner – the Daughter of Night – was captured by the Protectorate. It was not specified if Minh Bhu was among the relatively few rangers who were killed.

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