Mihlos Sedona was the young, personal assistant of Sleepy, the Captain of the Black Company, during Soldiers Live. He was one of the first Company fatalities of the Siege of Taglios.

Soldiers LiveEdit

Mihlos Sedona is first mentioned in the available Annals shortly after the Battle at the Shadowlander cemetery, so it is likely he was present for that bloody fighting. He was "only about sixteen" but was charming, and recognized for his "smile and a winning personality". Sedona was considered by Croaker to become the Annalist-in-training, but, the boy was illiterate. Croaker was not inclined to spend the time teaching Sedona how to read and write. He was, however, a skilled rider of the rheitgeistiden, the flying posts supplied by the Voroshk.

Siege of TagliosEdit

Sedona invited Croaker to Sleepy's meeting regarding the upcoming raid which would precede the main engagement of the Siege of Taglios.

Explosion over the PalaceEdit

Sedona was selected by General Chu, Sleepy's new chief of staff, to help with aerial reconnaissance of the Palace of Taglios, where their enemy Mogaba was headquartered. Sedona was foolhardy and flew too close to the roof of the sprawling structure. He narrowly avoided getting shot by Mogaba's men, who unexpectedly opened fire with fireball projectors acquired from the failed Company raid. As Sedona was dangling helplessly from his tether in midair, General Chu ignored Croaker's shout of caution and flew over to help him. The two rheitgeistiden riders clumped together near the enemy shooters, providing a good target. Despite their protective shefsepoken robes, both were killed instantly when a single fireball from the crossfire struck General Chu's highly explosive flying post, detonating it. That explosion immediately caused the sympathetic detonation of Sedona's post. The immense shock wave smashed "in an acre of Palace like an invisible giant's foot stomping on eggshells". Croaker escaped with the help of Arkana, and the Company was forced to alter their battle plans.

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