Men fu was an antiquities digger in the Barrowland during the lifetime of Bomanz, his primary competitor. He was also a member of the Resurrectionists. He appeared in the "flashback" biographic narrative of Bomanz in The White Rose.

The White RoseEdit

Men fu was the first agent of the Resurrectionists sent to the Barrowland, long before Tokar or his own family would arrive. Bomanz despised Men fu because he often stole artifacts from dig locations that Bomanz had already claimed as his own.

Men fu was greedy and when he stole a precious Barrowland amulet to dig for treasure, it spurred Tokar to question his loyalty to their cause. Men fu was attacked by the former Monitor, Besand, and both men were killed horribly near the Howler's barrow by the ghosts which guarded the Barrowland. The men's tortured screams deeply disturbed Stancil, another undercover Resurrectionist, as well as the nearby Eternal Guard soldiers, who could not intervene.

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