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The Meadenvil country innkeeper – or simply "the fat man" – was the owner of an inn in the hinterland miles outside of Meadenvil that was visited by Raven, Darling, and later certain members of the Black Company in Shadows Linger. Although he was unidentified by name in Croaker's Annals, he featured prominently in the events leading up to an ambush of the Limper.

The innkeeper, his wife, and several daughters operated their pleasant inn which saw a thriving business throughout the summer months. He owned a pack of savage mastiffs, a pig shed, and a wagon and team which he used to haul supplies from a miller and a brewer within the city of Meadenvil proper. He had a brother who became a sergeant in the guard of the Prince of Meadenvil: the innkeeper considered this brother to be the "only one of us ever amounted to anything". The innkeeper was also friends with a number of folks from the regions south of Meadenvil, and he typically sold staples to a hunter named Moleskin in the fall months.

Shadows Linger[]

The innkeeper's establishment was visited by Darling and Raven, who arrived separately and paid in strange coin (loot from Juniper's Catacombs). He took note that Raven was a "hard case" and that Darling was deaf. He may have been threatened by Raven to keep silent about their presence.

First Black Company visitation[]

Some time later, the innkeeper was visited by men from the Black Company: Croaker, Otto, Hagop, Pawnbroker, Kingpin, the three wizards One-Eye, Goblin, and Silent, as well as two Juniperen men, Marron Shed and Asa. Croaker found the innkeeper's speech difficult to follow, because although the language of Meadenvil is a dialect of that spoken in Juniper, the innkeeper spoke a country dialect with an altered rhythm. After Silent spooked him with a sorcery trick, the innkeeper revealed details to Croaker about Darling and Raven's visit and departure. He guessed they had been headed to Chimney, and helped Silent and Croaker create a map with directions through Shaker, Needle, Tagline, and finally Chimney out on the Salada Peninsula. Croaker in turn explained to the innkeeper that his acquaintance Moleskin was probably dead. The Black Company men rode out toward Meadenvil with Shed and Asa the next morning, and the innkeeper quickly hustled his family, mastiffs, and cattle into the woods. This was a wise choice, as One-Eye turned back to kill them to cover their trail from the Lady's Taken sorcerers, the Limper and Whisper.

Second visitation and ambush[]

At least one day later, depressing news from local travelers reached the innkeeper. He learned that a foreign sorcerer (the Limper) had slowly killed his brother – the sergeant in the Prince's guard – with huge demon that ate him during the "big fight" at Meadenvil's waterfront.

Soon afterward, the Black Company men returned and occupied the inn while everyone was asleep. Croaker explained that he needed to use the innkeeper's location to ambush an enemy sorcerer. With hatred smoldering behind his eyes the innkeeper revealed that he had already received word that his own brother was among the dead in Meadenvil. Croaker helped redirect the fat man's newfound hatred. After sending his wife and daughters into hiding with the help of Silent, the innkeeper helped plan the ambush. He kept his customers from the south in line, prepared poisoned food, and volunteered his pack of mastiffs to participate.

When the Limper and his bodyguard of former-Company men got close, the trap was sprung. The innkeeper participated in the first bloody combat alongside Silent, Shed, Otto, Hagop, Kingpin, and Bullock. After this melee on the road, the innkeeper was captured and was forced to carry the badly-injured Limper alongside Asa into his inn. Inside the threshold, he dropped the Taken and whistled for his dogs, which mauled the Limper and his last men. After the Limper was pierced by two of Pawnbroker's ballista shots, the innkeeper, Croaker, and One-Eye hacked him to pieces. The fat man praised Bullock and Shed's bravery during the road ambush, and explained how Bullock and Kingpin were killed. Satisfied with avenging his brother, the innkeeper refused Croaker's offer to take some horses, and prepared to flee into the woods with his family for a while.