Markeb Zhorab, also called Markeg, was the owner of the Dark Horse tavern in the republic of Aloe. His bar was frequented by many of the mainstays of the Black Company after they were garrisoned in Aloe following the Battle of Charm.

"Tides Elba"Edit

Zhorab was wary of the Company mercenaries who continually played tonk at his tavern. However, they were his best-paying customers on many occasions.

Croaker pays the tavern-keeper to have an exact copy of a tiny parchment professionally made. Croaker and Elmo give the pretense that this is all part of a practical joke on Goblin. But Zhorab knows it is somehow much more important, and secretly has a private copy made for himself. He does not know that the paper is a private message belonging to the Limper. When Croaker returns, Zhorab shows him the copy. Croaker pays him for the service, but then, putting a nasty-looking knife on the bar, demands that he turn over the hidden copy. The bartender complies. Croaker has no hard feelings and the Company continues to patronize the Dark Horse.

"Smelling Danger"Edit

After Aloe was pummeled by a seasonal storm, the Company men were unable to patronize the Dark Horse for almost a full week during reconstruction. On the sixth day of city-wide cleanup, Croaker enters Zhorab's bar to find himself alone with the barkeeper. Zhorab expresses his gratitude for the Black Company's patronage of his bar and efforts in general to keep Aloe prosperous and safe. Because of this, he confides that Rebels want him to spy on the Company for them. Croaker nonchalantly gives him permission to do so, knowing that everything the bartender will hear from Company men from now on will be carefully scripted. When word gets out that a Rebel leader named Cannon Shear is sending a force to attack the Company, Zhorab reveals that this force was waylaid by the same storm.

"Bone Candy"Edit

In "Bone Candy", Zhorab, his wife, and his sister are busily serving a crowd of patrons. He sees Whisper's colonel, Two Dead, approaching the tonk game being played by Croaker the physician, Silent the wizard, Otto the sergeant, and Corey, a new local recruit. Zhorab delivers a pitcher of beer as an excuse to warn them of Two Dead's approach with the code-word "flies".

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