Madle was the barkeeper of a tavern in the eastern kingdom of Tally. He and his establishment became embroiled in bloody fighting between the Black Company on behalf of the Lady's Empire and the Rebel movement.

Shadows LingerEdit

Madle was a member of the local Rebel movement against the empire, and was forced by the Black Company to entrap Neat and some of his other comrades in an ambush. The Company brothers then returned to play tonk, and just short of two dozen more Rebels stumbled into the same trap and met the same fate later.

When a massive mob of furious Rebels unexpectedly swamped the tavern later, Madle hid. Silent, Croaker, Candy, Pawnbroker, Kingpin, and Otto fought for every inch of Madle's tavern, and eventually the Rebels set fire to the place more than once. Madle survived, and the Company paid him and helped him for his service by establishing a cover story to explain his survival of the bloodbath, and killing anyone who could deny it.

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