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Love me is Croaker's name for the primitive magic spell used by the Daughter of Night in Water Sleeps and Soldiers Live. Powers of sexual enchantment like this were common to women of the Senjak family bloodline; the Daughter's biological mother was Lady, who for many generations had been the most powerful sorceress of the Senjak line. The same kind of enchantment was used at least once by the Daughter's maternal aunt Soulcatcher in She Is the Darkness, and the few other examples described below.

An equally primitive spell referred to as keep-off-me also exists but has the exact opposite effect; this was used as a rape-repellent by the young witch Chasing Midnight.

Used by the Daughter[]

The Daughter radiated an aura of seduction to control the unswerving loyalty of people (typically men) in her vicinity. She may have used the spell in places like Ghoja, Dejagore, Meldermhai, and Danjil to help regrow the cult of the Stranglers leading up to Water Sleeps and in the 4 years before Soldiers Live.

At the Battle of the Middle Ground, the Daughter used the aura to take control of the remainder of the Protectorate's Middle Army after the pitched battle was decided. The Daughter's enemies, led by her biological father Croaker, were informed beforehand about the emotional phenomenon. They realized three limitations of the spell: it weakened in strength when she was unconscious, injured, or exhausted; it did not affect anyone wearing the Voroshk robes called shefsepoken; and if men were moved outside the range of the spell, they would flee. By forcing her mount to move in various directions very suddenly, Croaker's Black Company sorcerers greatly reduced the number of Taglian soldiers subject to her control. At Ghoja, the Daughter masqueraded as the Protector (her aunt Soulcatcher) and used the "love me" effect to overcome any confrontations with the Taglian soldiers there. Later, after she was captured by the Company, she used the spell to command the young man Bhijar Singh to deliver a rumel to her. She used this weapon to nearly strangle her mother, Lady.

Used by Soulcatcher[]

Soulcatcher used this kind of spell to enchant Willow Swan at the end of She Is the Darkness. Although Catcher was bound and gagged – and therefore unable to use traditional sorcery – she influenced Swan with the "love me" effect to remove her bindings at the fortress with no name, enabling her to usher in the 15 years of grim Black Company history known as the Captivity. Despite this prominent example of the spell's usage, it is worth mentioning this was an exception to Soulcatcher's typical modus operandi. She normally utilized fear, unpredictability, obfuscation, lethal sorcery, deception, or the assitance of imps and demons (like Frogface and the Overlook demon) to fulfill her goals.

Other examples[]

In Port of Shadows, the attraction aura emitted by the young sorceress Tides Elba would prove to be extremely similar to the "love me" effect emitted by her distant cousin, the Daughter of Night, many years later.

In the short story "Wet Dream Fish Story" a mermaid named Dai-Li and her companions put the Black Company brother called Showboy under the spell of a kind of "love me" sorcery. They used it to kidnap him for a time, impart false memories to his mind, and command his loyalty.