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This wouldn't be too tasty, Murgen. But it'll be fun to dish out.

–Longinus demonstrating new fireball projectors, She Is the Darkness, ch. 87

Longinus (nicknamed Longo) and his two brothers Cletus and Loftus were natives of the Jewel City of Beryl who joined the Black Company in Shadow Games. They quickly established themselves as indispensable engineers, artillery specialists, and architects. They served the Company with distinction, especially during the Siege of Dejagore (as recounted in the flashbacks of Bleak Seasons) and the rest of the Shadowmaster wars (She Is the Darkness).

All three brothers became members of the Captured. This was an ordeal which Longinus, unlike his brothers, would not survive.

Longo and his brothers also make a completely anachronistic appearance in the short story "Wet Dream Fish Story", which takes place at least 6 years before they joined the Company.

Shadow Games[]

Longinus, Cletus, and Loftus were serving in the Urban Cohorts of Beryl in Shadow Games. Without warning, the giant warship called The Dark Wings arrived at Beryl's harbor. Croaker, with his handful of Black Company brothers and the Lady, rapidly passed through the city. The three brothers recognized the Company from the band's service there (the events of The Black Company) during the brothers' younger years, which was when Beryl was independent and not yet part of the Lady's Empire. They deserted the Cohorts, and, with Murgen's sponsorship, were all admitted into the Company.

When the Black Company was hired by the merchants of Gea-Xle to rid the great river of pirates, the three brothers from Beryl outfitted their fortified river barge with a ship-smashing device called a dolphin – a fish-shaped weight attached to a long chain and swung from a boom. When the Howler's river pirates attacked the barge, Longinus and his brothers sank several of their boarding vessels with the dolphin, sending numerous pirates into the needleteeth-infested water.

Once the major Shadowlander city of Dejagore was captured by the Company and their legions of Taglians at the Battle of Dejagore, Longinus and his brothers set up their artillery engines on the city's tall southern wall. From this vantage point, they shot missiles into Shadowspinner's encampment to harass his men, but to little effect. Later on the same day, they shot Shadowspinner personally, but Spinner responded with violent sorcery that "blew them and all their engines right off the wall".

She Is the Darkness[]

In She Is the Darkness, Longo and his brothers upgraded Lady's fireball projectors to be effective against more than simply shadows. They vastly improved the infantry models and also created incredibly accurate cannon-sized versions. They would help the Company defeat and capture Longshadow at the Siege of Overlook, ending the Shadowmaster wars in victory.

After that, Longinus and his two brothers traveled with Croaker, Lady, Murgen and about 44 others during the Company's historic passage through the homeworld shadowgate and onto the glittering plain. At the fortress with no name in the center of the plain, the three brothers were doomed to become members of the Captured, a group that was imprisoned by Soulcatcher within the cave of the ancients in a magic stasis for at least 15 years.

Water Sleeps[]

At some unspecified point during the Captivity – in the 15-year gap between She Is the Darkness and Water SleepsCordy Mather was somehow freed of the icy sorcery. Mather unintentionally killed Longinus, Candles, Wheezer, two Nyueng Bao bodyguards, and two Shadar soldiers by physically moving them without the necessary sorcerous precautions.

When Sleepy finally reached the Captured after her arduous quest at the end of Water Sleeps, she stated that she saw "Cletus" among the 7 deceased men who had been accidentally killed by Mather. However, later events would reveal that she misidentified Longinus's corpse as belonging to Cletus. Longo's surviving brothers, Loftus and Cletus, continued to serve the Company in Soldiers Live but would both be killed during the costly Battle at the Shadowlander cemetery.

Anachronistic appearance in "Wet Dream Fish Story"[]

Longinus and his brothers are all mentioned in the short story "Wet Dream Fish Story", where they take charge of the massive labor effort to restore a pair of old bridges. However, the events of that short story take place merely a few months after Shadows Linger. Since Clete, Loftus, and Longinus joined the Black Company more than 6 years later in Shadow Games, their appearance at this point in the timeline is chronologically impossible. This seems to constitute a sizable continuity error.