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Where the Black Company was in service. But where wasn’t the Company in service?

Lady, Shadow Games chapter 15

This is a list of individuals, organizations, and cities specified by name in the Annals to have been employers of the Black Company. An unspecified but significant number of other employers existed, so this list is not complete by in-universe standards. For the full history of the group, and more details about each employer here, see: Black Company.

All through our history the Black Company has suffered the ingratitude of our employers. Usually those blackguards received ample cause to regret their villainy.

Murgen, She Is the Darkness chapter 1

These two historical employers from the southern continent cannot be organized chronologically:

  • In service to the Archon of Bone during the Revolt of the Chiliarchs
  • In service to the Syndarchs of Dai Khomena

These other employers are numbered in chronological order, but, any number of other unspecified employers may have been found between them:

  1. In service to the Paingod of Cho'n Delor
  2. In service in Goes (city)
  3. In service in Gea-Xle (city)
  4. In service in Padora (city)
  5. In service in Rebosa (city)

The next set of employers followed some time after Rebosa. These are also numbered in chronological order, but the difference between this list and the preceding one is that there does not seem to be any possibility of "unknown" employers after Beryl:

  1. In service to the Syndic of Beryl (The Black Company, ch. 1)
  2. In service to the Lady / the Lady's Empire (The Black Company, ch. 2 – Shadows Linger, ch. 38)
  3. In service to the Houses of Istven and the Seamen's Guild of Chimney ("Cranky Bitch")
  4. In service to the Magistrates of Rue ("Bone Eaters" & "Chasing Midnight")
  5. In service to Darling / the New White Rose Rebellion (The White Rose)
  6. In service to the Merchants of Gea-Xle (Shadow Games, chs. 17 – 21)
  7. In service to the Prahbrindrah Drah of Taglios (Shadow Games, ch. 30 – She Is the Darkness)
  8. In service to its own name (Water Sleeps, Soldiers Live)