Liberator was the title bestowed by Taglian public acclaim upon Croaker, the Captain of the Black Company, after he was commissioned by the Prahbrindrah Drah to defend Taglios against the encroaching Shadowmasters. The Liberator, his wife Lady, and Mogaba established a comprehensive program of militarization to combat the dangerous threat from the south.

The title first appears in the available Annals in Dreams of Steel. When Croaker returned to Dejagore during the infamous siege that took place there, his trapped Taglian soldiers raised their "Liberator!" hail. He then met publicly with Mogaba and ended the siege.

Continuing as Liberator, Croaker led the Company and the Taglian legions in the last of the Shadowmaster wars, building infrastructure in the Shadowlands to expedite the movement of armies. He proceeded until the final victory over Longshadow at the Siege of Overlook. When Croaker disappeared onto the glittering plain and was presumed dead at the end of She Is the Darkness, the title of Liberator vanished with him.

Although Croaker was not dead, and did in fact return to Taglios about 20 years after becoming one of the Captured, he did not consider himself to be "Liberator" anymore.

Mogaba, under Soulcatcher's Protectorate regime, became "Great General", which carried a roughly comparable degree of military authority.

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