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Lanore Bonharj is a Taglian general who appeared in both the "flashback" and the "current events" narratives of Bleak Seasons. He was high-caste Gunni, the largest of Taglios's three major religious-ethnic groups. He was a survivor of both the Battle of Dejagore and the hellish, months-long Siege of Dejagore which followed, and was an important ally of the Black Company's Old Crew during that siege. Bonharj is also noteworthy for being the only Taglian identified by name who visited the northern continent: after the siege, he accompanied Otto and Hagop during their 14,000 mile round-trip expedition from Taglios to the Tower at Charm and back.

Before Bleak Seasons[]

Although Bonharj is not mentioned specifically in Shadow Games, he was one of the Taglians who served Croaker in the latter's capacity as Liberator (hired warlord / dictator) of Taglios. Bonharj probably participated in the Battle of Ghoja Ford (or, less likely, the smaller action at Theri) along the Main before the Taglian crossing of this river and their subsequent arrival at Dejagore, which at that time was identified as "Stormgard". He survived the Battle of Dejagore and made it back inside the city's walls after the Black Company and the Taglian armies under their command were routed by Shadowlanders.

Bleak Seasons[]

Siege of Dejagore[]

Bonharj is first mentioned by Murgen in his flashback Annals of the Siege of Dejagore. Murgen described Bonharj as "the guy who's in charge of the freed slaves and friendly Taglians and Jaicuri right now". This meant the general was in command of a large, disparate body which must have included the Taglian al-Khul Company even though this band was Vehdna (and not Gunni like the general himself). Bonharj's group excluded: Murgen's Old Crew faction of the Black Company numbering 40; Mogaba's rival Nar Company faction; the surviving 600 Nyueng Bao De Duang pilgrims and their Path of the Sword warriors; the Taglian First Legion which was Gunni but was loyal to Mogaba; and of course the Shadowlanders who besieged the city and were the common enemy to all these other groups.

Toward the end of the siege, Murgen arranged a secret meeting with Bonharj in the Old Crew's hidden, stinking warrens beneath Dejagore. The high-caste Taglian was "amazed and appalled" by the living conditions of the subterranean group. Also in attendance was Uncle Doj, temporarily the Speaker of the Nyueng Bao pilgrims. The three established an alliance to covertly evacuate from the city under the nose of Mogaba's Nar. Bonharj "wanted to move nearly a thousand men and dependents" but Murgen knew it would be impossible to move all 3 groups in a single night. They arranged a system for drawing lots; Bonharj glowered when Murgen stated that he should not need to participate in the draw. The Taglian general was aboard one of the rafts that reached the beachhead later.

Expedition to Charm and back[]

After the Siege of Dejagore, Bonharj was part of the Taglian delegation which accompanied Black Company mainstays Otto and Hagop on a 14,000 mile round-trip journey from Taglios to the Tower at Charm – the capital of the Lady's Empire. Ordered by Croaker the Liberator, this expedition took almost 3 years; their trip north retraced the route taken by the Black Company more than 400 years prior, and their return trip retraced the route that Otto and Hagop themselves had taken merely about 5 years ago. They brought letters from Lady to assist with their mission of uncovering the identity of Longshadow, the final Shadowmaster. Otto, Hagop, Bonharj, and their group departed the Tower after receiving the cooperation of the Imperial officials. They brought back a "coffin full of papers" to help Lady rule out suspects for Longshadow's identity; a hair from Soulcatcher's head; turnip and parsnip seeds and some seed potatoes; and news about the final defeat of the Limper.

Their return to Taglios was slowed when they suffered "innumerable frustrating delays on the last river leg, which should have been the easiest part of their journey" although these delays were not detailed. The "last river leg" must refer to the 480 miles between the First Cataract of the great river and Taglios itself, suggesting they were held up either in Dadiz (located above the First Cataract) or the city of Catorce below the Cataract.

When they finally returned, they were all sequestered in the waterfront warehouse owned by Shadar Taglians in which Murgen had formerly held captives from the Grove of Doom. After almost 3 years, Bonharj and his "cluster of unhappy Taglians" were "not enthusiastic about being kept away from their families" so they sulked in a corner while Croaker and Murgen caught up with Otto and Hagop. They did not overhear when Murgen accidentally revealed he had seen Longshadow. Bonharj and the other Taglians were "baffled by the Liberator's sudden generosity" when he suddenly excused them to go home, with Croaker even mentioning Bonharj by name, and they were hustled out of the warehouse by Otto.

Lanore Bonharj is not mentioned again in subsequent Annals, but he may have participated further in the continuing Shadowmaster wars.