Knuckles was a sworn brother of the Black Company. He was mentioned in the Annals during their employment in the Lady's Empire. Before that, he was with the Company in Beryl, and made the trip across the Sea of Torments aboard Soulcatcher's giant galley, The Dark Wings, to Opal.

The Black CompanyEdit

Knuckles appeared only once in the Annals. He was mentioned during the Company's time at Meystrikt, the most important fortress in the Salient. The bulk of the Company hunkered down to make it through the arctic winter, and of all the men, only Raven had seen snow before their time at the fortress. He participated in one of the countless games of tonk in the main hall of the fortress, along with Elmo, Silent, and One-Eye.

Knuckles's fate after these events was not recorded in the Annals.

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