Khang Phi is a large monastery and library in the world of Hsien. It is built into the face of a mountain rising a thousand whitewashed feet into the bellies of permanent clouds (this mountain corresponds to the Dandha Presh in Croaker's homeworld). It has existed for centuries and is a repository for knowledge and wisdom from all of that time. Children are often donated to the monks and raised to be part of the order. Those who join the order rarely leave Khang Phi. The monks shave their heads completely. Soil has been painstakingly hauled up a long staircase to Khang Phi for generations to create tiered farms from which the monks subsist.

Soldiers LiveEdit

The File of Nine meets at Khang Phi as a neutral ground. The File's warlords issue their edicts from there, with the monks' encouragement, who hope that the File members will absorb some wisdom while they are there.

The knowledge to repair the shadowgates resides in Khang Phi and is stolen by Tobo with the help of Master Santaraksita.

It is mentioned in the Annals that the monks of Khang Phi collaborated with the Shadowmasters when Hsien was under their rule. The monks do not defy those who seek to be their overlords, but rather slowly try to wear them down with wisdom and reason. This embarrassing fact was being expunged by relentless lie.

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