Geek and Freak

Geek and Freak, two warrior brothers from K'Hlata

K'Hlata is a large savannah of the southern continent which appeared in Shadow Games. It is situated south of the jungles of D'loc Aloc and north of Gea-Xle. Bitter wastelands lay to the east and west of it, and the inhabitants were deeply superstitious. As a result the region saw very little commerce, with only a single trade route defined by white stones. This road was holy, and considered strictly neutral ground between the various villages that existed there: harming travelers who stayed within its bounds was a profound taboo punishable by death.

Before Croaker's AnnalsEdit

The Black Company traveled northward through the K'Hlata savannah. They suffered a harsh defeat in a city there called Sham. The Company lost most of its officers before wiping out the attackers. Its survivors then fled north to avoid a second horde that was approaching from the south. After Sham, the officer's batons were all lost and were not mentioned again in the Annals (until the Company returned to Gea-Xle generations later).

After escaping the savannah, the Company recruited One-Eye and Tom-Tom in D'loc Aloc.

Shadow GamesEdit

Generations later, the Black Company passed through K'Hlata again, this time heading southward. They accepted two formidable K'Hlata warriors into their ranks, who were soon nicknamed the Geek and the Freak.

In Soldiers Live, Sleepy speculates that Blade may have originated from there.

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