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Juniper was a large harbor city in the far northwesterly region of the northern continent. The city was located in the valley of the Port River, in between two of the snow-topped arms of the Wolander Mountains. Famous for its cold weather and infamous for its cult of the dead, Juniper was the setting for many of the events of Shadows Linger.

Juniper's deceased were interred in huge Catacombs along with substantial treasures. The inhabitants of other cities to the south, including its nearest neighbor Meadenvil, considered Juniper to be a "bad joke". Juniper was separated from Meadenvil by a land route which could be traversed in two days by a rider who pushed hard, riding day and night. Like Meadenvil, Juniper had neither walls nor gates. It was ruled by Duke Zimerlan.

Shadows Linger[]

Juniper would become the first city where a black castle, a portal for the Dominator, emerged. The castle's supernatural growth was unwittingly fueled by Raven, two unidentified former Rebels from the "Crater crowd", and a local barkeeper named Marron Shed, who all secretly sold corpses to the castle's inhabitants, demons called castle creatures. Meanwhile, Raven used his ill-gained fortune to commission the construction of a beautiful new ship, Cranky Bitch, which was crewed by Juniperen sailors like Master Sylus, the hard-luck Shadow, and an old cook called Snoggle.

Juniper's ruler Duke Zimerlan contacted the Lady for help on how to contain the strange, growing black castle, which initiated many of the events of Shadows Linger. The Lady sent her minions, including an advance team from the Black Company, to assess the situation. Shed's desire to shelter his elderly mother June, to protect his tavern the Iron Lily, and later to impress the deceptive prostitute Sue drove him to sell corpses to the black castle for easy money. Shed and Raven together wiped out a Buskin gang led by Krage. Eventually, Raven and his young ward Darling left Juniper aboard Cranky Bitch, leaving Shed to be identified and followed by the Company.

The black castle and its defenders were later besieged and the Lady personally directed her forces in the Battle of Juniper. Many residents of Juniper were killed in the combat, urban fires, and battlefield sorcery which ensued.

After defeating the Dominator and destroying his black castle, the Lady ordered her soldiers to loot Juniper's sacred Catacombs to replenish her coffers. This was an outrageous sacrilege which caused massive rioting led by Hargadon, the senior Custodian. The Lady and her forces were cornered inside the palace Duretile. Much of the city was wrecked when the Lady "lost her temper" and unleashed horrible sorcery. In Pawnbroker's estimation, the city was effectively demolished. It is not stated in the Annals how many inhabitants survived, or if the city was rebuilt.

Fates of orphaned Juniperens[]

A small handful of orphaned Juniperens had lives – some quite brief – in various locations south of Juniper. Marron Shed and Inquisitor Bullock were killed in combat in the hinterland of Meadenvil. Asa disappeared in Shaker. Master Sylus and his Juniperen crew sailed Cranky Bitch across the Gap multiple times for the Black Company when they were hired as convoy escorts for Chimney's merchant vessels ("Cranky Bitch"). Some of Cranky Bitch's crew even became members of the Company, such as Shadow, and joined them in their arduous overland trek through the western wilderness.