Juniper was a big harbor city in the northwesterly region of the Northern Continent, located in between two of the snow-topped arms of the Wolander Mountains. Famous for its cold weather and infamous for its cult of the dead, Juniper was the setting for many of the events of Shadows Linger. The deceased were interred in huge Catacombs along with substantial treasures. The inhabitants of other cities to the south, including Meadenvil, considered Juniper to be a "bad joke". Juniper was separated from Meadenvil by a land route which could be traversed in two days by a rider who pushed hard, riding day and night. Like Meadenvil, Juniper had neither walls nor gates.

Shadows LingerEdit

Juniper would become the first city where a Black Castle, a portal for the Dominator, emerged. The Castle was besieged and the Lady personally directed her forces in the Battle of Juniper. After defeating the Dominator, the Lady ordered her soldiers to loot the Catacombs to replenish her coffers. This was an outrageous sacrilege which caused massive rioting led by Hargadon, the senior Custodian. The Lady and her forces were cornered inside the palace Duretile. Much of the city was wrecked when the Lady "lost her temper" and unleashed horrible sorcery. In Pawnbroker's estimation, the city was effectively demolished.

Juniper by Didier Graffet-0

Juniper by Didier Graffet