The hard part was facing his mother. Old June said nothing, but her blind stare was accusing. She made him feel evil, an infidel, and disowned in the secret reaches of her mind. The gap had become unbridgable.

Shadows Linger

June was the elderly mother of Marron Shed – the owner of the Iron Lily bar in the frigid city of Juniper – during Shadows Linger. Shed's desperation to keep blind old June alive and warm in the face of increasing antagonism from the criminal Krage and the moneylender Gilbert was one of the driving forces for many of Shed's desperate decisions.

Shadows LingerEdit

June and her husband raised their son Marron in the Buskin, the poorest section of Juniper. When her husband died and she lost her eyesight, Marron effectively took over the bar. Despite her arthritic bones, she provided a bit of maid service for their inn above the bar. June stayed warm with the help of Asa and others among the Buskin's homeless, who supplied firewood in return for a spot to sleep on the floor of the Lily.

As her son secretly became involved with Raven and the selling of corpses to the Black Castle, June overheard some of his scheming and knew he was behaving immorally. Normally laconic, she now argued bitterly with him and subjected him to her "blind stare". He realized with dread that he lost her respect. Shed used his newfound funds to purchase a cottage near the Enclosure, the devotional heart of the whole city, and moved old June there with a staff of three servants: Bo, Lana, and their daughter. Old June's physical circumstances improved dramatically but at the cost of her respect for her son.

It is not specified if June survived the extensive destruction that soon befell Juniper. After the Lady ordered the Catacombs to be looted, Hargadon initiated bloody street riots against the Black Company and regular soldiers of the Lady's Empire. Many hundreds were killed in the fighting, and many more died in the cataclysmic sorcery unleashed by the Lady upon the city itself.

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