The Black Company Campaign Setting Cover Art by Wayne Reynolds

Journey (left) by Wayne Reynolds

Journey was a male Rebel sorcerer who was kidnapped alongside his newlywed wife by the Black Company and forced to become one of the New Taken.

The Black CompanyEdit

Journey was a male sorcerer of significant magnitude who fought with the Rebel against the Lady's empire. When several original members of the Circle of Eighteen (the Rebel leadership) were killed by the Lady's forces, Journey and his newlywed wife Feather were promoted to fill two vacancies.

Journey and his new wife Feather were both captured and subdued during their honeymoon by the Black Company, which was in service to the Lady. They were delivered by the Howler's flying carpet to the Tower at Charm. There, they were subjected to the horrors of the Rite of Taking and the Eye, during which they became the second and third members of the new Taken. Journey and the rest of the New Taken, including later additions, dressed identically with the sole exception of Whisper.

After disappearing into the Tower, Journey and Feather reappeared dramatically near the end of the Battle of Charm, where the world now learned they had been Taken just as Whisper had. When Lord Jalena's troops began to waver and were pushed by the Rebel into one of the retaining walls outside the Tower, Journey personally put on an inspirational display with a blazing spear behind them all. Jalena's men regained their confidence and pushed the Rebel back briefly. Soulcatcher, after betraying the Lady, attempted to flee the battle by throwing Journey off his horse and stealing it.

Shadows LingerEdit

Journey's wife Feather would be the first of the Lady's Taken to die: she was killed by the Black Watchers during the Battle of Juniper in Shadows Linger. Outraged, Journey stole the flying carpet of the Limper after his own was destroyed by the Black Watchers. He lost that carpet as well.

The White RoseEdit

Journey continued to serve the Lady. Now he served in the campaign against Darling and the Black Company, who fled eastward for 4 years, and then for 2 years had been directing Rebel activity from a cavern called the Hole out in the Plain of Fear. The Lady initially stationed Journey alongside Whisper in the village of Spit as part of the imperial encirclement of the Plain. At Spit, he and Whisper raised their stellae and held the western bounds of the Plain.

Later he would participate in combat against the Dominator's monsters as they were systematically awakened during the Battle of the Barrowland. He was presumably among the other Taken who struck back at Toadkiller Dog and his ragtag army of savages from the Great Forest. At the end of the battle, when the Lady lost her powers, Journey and the rest of the New Taken lost their powers as well. Croaker presumed that he died in this incident, as the Taken appeared to fall from the sky off their flying carpets. Journey survived, however, as confirmed in the sixth chronicle, during which Otto and Hagop reported reliable testimony from Imperial officials that he and Whisper (as well as Blister, Creeper, and Learned) remained alive albeit stripped of their sorcery. Journey and Whisper have the unique distinction of escaping death despite membership in both the Circle of Eighteen and the Taken, two groups with grim odds of survival.

New Taken
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