Joro was an apprentice physician and sworn brother of the Black Company during the events of "Shaggy Dog Bridge" and "Bone Eaters".

"Shaggy Dog Bridge"Edit

Joro and the other apprentice physicians examined Croaker after he was knocked unconscious from the pain caused by Blind Emon's psychic outburst. After Emon was summoned away by the Master, Croaker awakened with a massive headache. Joro assured him that there was no permanent damage, though the pain persisted for some time afterward.

"Bone Eaters"Edit

Joro was considered by Croaker to be the "most useless" of his lazy gang of apprentice physicians in "Bone Eaters". Croaker even eyed Joro specifically when he announced that one of his apprentices would be sent back to ranks and replaced with Chasing Midnight, a newcomer to the New White Rose Rebellion.

Joro is not mentioned again in the available Annals. But, like all other brothers mentioned prior to the Battle of the Barrowland, he is presumed deceased since he was not among the 10 Company survivors of that battle.

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