For the sworn brother of the same name, see Jo-Jo

JoJo, real name Cho Dai Cho, was a Nyueng Bao man, and one the bodyguards charged to protect key members of the Black Company. He was meant to accompany One-Eye but was indifferent to the role, and the two were rarely seen together. It is possible JoJo had made an agreement with One-Eye who equally hated the arrangement.

He survived the Shadowmaster wars and Kiaulune wars, and was part of the infiltration group into Taglios led by Sleepy in Water Sleeps. The few instances he was mentioned, he was often gambling and playing tonk. He was playing a game of tonk with Sleepy, Kendo Cutter, and Spiff when Sleepy made the decision they should kidnap Aridatha Singh and introduce him to their captive, Narayan Singh.

In Soldiers Live, JoJo was part of Croaker's eclectic group of Company men and allies permitted by Sleepy, the Captain, to enter the Voroshk world to get revenge upon the forvalaka Lisa Daele Bowalk. Others who were present during this operation were Lady, Murgen, Thai Dei, Willow Swan, Uncle Doj, Cletus, Loftus, Spiff, and a group of Unknown Shadows called the Black Hounds. JoJo and Spiff were both killed by shadows during the Company's first night there. These shadows had breached the world's shadowgate after Bowalk forcibly entered years beforehand, but they were no longer "feral", as they were subsequently tamed by the Voroshk. After JoJo and Spiff died, the remaining group was joined by Goblin (possessed by the Khadidas) and the Chu Ming brothers, and they succeeded in assassinating Bowalk.

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