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Jewel Cities dialect refers to the language of Beryl, the oldest of the Jewel Cities and where the Black Company was in service for several years prior to the opening events of the first chronicle. After the Company departed Beryl to serve in the Lady's Empire and subsequent employers, the dialect slowly fell from their conversational use, although Croaker the Company Annalist presumably continued using it to record his Annals. But, alongside the unrelated language Forsberger, the Jewel Cities dialect was spoken by select members of the Company to hold private conversations during their time in the southern continent in the Books of the South and in the first two Books of Glittering Stone.

This language presumably remained in common use in Beryl after it became a province within the Lady's Empire (the annexation occurred sometime before Shadow Games).

Other Jewel Cities have their own dialects, but they share the same alphabet and Croaker never distinguishes any of them. He often refers to them collectively and in a manner which indicates the various dialects are mutually comprehensible.

The Black Company[]

The language is not mentioned specifically in the first chronicle, but this is the language spoken between the Company, their employer the Syndic, and the people of Beryl. Soulcatcher, the legate from the Lady's Empire, was already conversant in this tongue before she arrived in Beryl aboard her ship The Dark Wings.

Shadows Linger[]

Bullock, the chief Inquisitor of faraway Juniper, "spoke the languages of the Jewel Cities" since he learned them after three whole years in the Jewel Cities chasing after a relatively minor suspect. Bullock was therefore a key contact point between an advance group of 25 men from the Black Company. He liaised with Croaker, who in turn picked up some conversation skills in the language of Juniper from him.

The Company soldier Kingpin, who seemed to be recruited after the Company's departure from Beryl, did not speak the Jewel Cities dialect well but understood it. In a tavern favored by foreign sailors in Meadenvil, Kingpin, Croaker, One-Eye, and Goblin held a private conversation in this language regarding Raven's whereabouts.

The White Rose[]

When meeting with the Forsberger Bomanz, the Lady spoke to Croaker in "a Jewel Cities dialect" that she suspected would be unknown to Bomanz. This was not the only language of a region she conquered that she learned: the Lady also spoke some Forsberger and Groghor.

The Silver Spike[]

Croaker and his small group of Company survivors taught one of the monks of the Temple of Travellers' Repose a little Jewel Cities dialect in The Silver Spike. Case, who admitted to having a "feeble" comprehension of this language, stated "In the Jewel Cities lingo “bad” can mean a couple three different things. Including “evil.”"

Shadow Games[]

Cletus, Loftus, and Longinus – three brothers from Beryl and native speakers – joined the Black Company in Shadow Games. Not long afterward, Mogaba – the leader of the Nar from Gea-Xle – rapidly began to learn the Jewel Cities dialect shortly after joining the Company. In fact, by the time the Company reached Taglios later, "even the most thick-witted of the Nar" understood the dialect. Lady spoke this language to warn Croaker and the Nar not to eat poisoned food at the Taglian olive grove and mineral baths.

Later, when Croaker and his black stallion visited the Grove of Doom for the first time, a mysterious black arrow with a message pierced a tree near him. The message – It is not yet time, Croaker – was written in "the language and alphabet" of the Jewel Cities.

Dreams of Steel[]

In Dreams of Steel, Lady and Mogaba used the language of the Jewel Cities to discuss the Captaincy of the Black Company which they both claimed at that time. They did this for privacy as allied outsiders including Narayan Singh, Ram, and Abda were nearby.

Bleak Seasons[]

Murgen recalled in his Annals for the Siege of Dejagore that he spoke to Mogaba in the Jewel Cities dialect to warn him of Shadowspinner's impending invasion, and that Sindawe was skilled enough to provide a sanitized translation for nearby Taglian officers in the Taglian language:

He spoke the Jewel Cities dialect the Company picked up when it was in service to the Syndic of Beryl. Most of us used it only when we did not want the natives to understand what we were saying. Mogaba used it because he did not yet have enough Taglian to get by without interpreters. Even his Jewel Cities dialect was badly accented. [...] Mogaba’s friend Sindawe translated for the Taglian officers present. [...] Our discussion had gone on long enough that the Taglian officers were beginning to doubt Sindawe’s bland translations.

Croaker used this language to inform Murgen about an incredible secret: the disembodied ghost of the wizard Smoke could be utilized to conduct surveillance throughout time and space.

She Is the Darkness[]

Murgen, Croaker, One-Eye, Goblin, the 3 brothers from Beryl (Cletus, Loftus, and Longinus), Isi, and Ochiba used the Jewel Cities dialect to conduct confidential discussions at various times in She Is the Darkness. Isi and Ochiba spoke in this language to notify Murgen that Smoke had been murdered, with Murgen noting "Isi had more of the Jewel Cities dialect than Ochiba but even he did not speak it well". Croaker and Murgen spoke the tongue to hide the severity of Uncle Doj's wounds from Nyueng Bao speaker Thai Dei after Doj survived combat against Soulcatcher.

Soldiers Live[]

Lady, while mourning the sad condition of her daughter Booboo, "lapsed into the language of the Jewel Cities" to tell Croaker the disturbing truth about her own mother's sexual assault at the hands of Baron Senjak centuries ago:

Asleep like this was the only way I ever saw my mother. She was the one they told the first Sleeping Beauty stories about. Her Prince Charming never came. My father did. And he was content with her the way she was.