The Jewel Cities refers to a collective of cities located on both sides of the Sea of Torments. Opal and Garnet are on the south coast of the northern continent, while Beryl (the oldest of the Jewel Cities by far) is located on the north coast of the southern continent.

The Black CompanyEdit

Opal and Garnet were already under the Lady's rule, while Beryl was at first an independent city. Beryl was annexed at the beginning of The Black Company.

Forces from the Jewel Cities loyal to the Lady participated in the climactic Battle of Charm. They were grouped with the Tower Guard and together they constituted a force numbering 2,500. They were commanded by Soulcatcher and were stationed on the topmost of the three defensive walls. To their left was Whisper with her 1,500 eastern veterans; and to their right was Shapeshifter (later, Lord Jalena) with his 1,000 western and southern troops.

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