Jaul Barundandi was the subassistant housekeeper of the Palace of Taglios during Water Sleeps. He was a devout Gunni of the cult of Khusa whose job was to hire day laborers from the lower classes to do daily cleaning jobs as part of the charity program of the Protector (Soulcatcher). He regularly abused this position to demand sexual favors or kickbacks which were often collected by his subordinate Del Mukharjee. Barundandi's wife Narita also worked in the Palace.

One of his favorite people to hire for cleaning jobs was Minh Subredil, who turned out to be Ky Sahra, a chief ally of the Black Company, in disguise. Subredil would typically offer generous kickbacks from her salary. Barundandi was present for the immediate aftermath of the Company's kidnapping of Willow Swan, who was captured with the aid of new-model fireball projectors which did dramatic damage to the Palace's stone walls.

Soulcatcher harshly interrogated Barundandi's wife Narita as a witness of the Company's abduction of the Radisha Drah. She throttled Narita to death with one hand. Barundandi then became a willing agent for the Black Company, secretly sabotaging Soulcatcher's flying carpets. Soulcatcher subjected him to terrible torments, and finally put him in a cage outside the Palace where passersby were encouraged to throw stones at him. Someone from the Company (or possibly one of Tobo's Unknown Shadows) gave Barundandi a poisoned fruit on his first night in the cage, and he consumed it to end his life on his own terms. Beneath Barundandi's cage, the corpses of the man who betrayed him to Soulcatcher and a murdered Grey were dumped and savaged by crows. Each had a note containing the words "water sleeps", which successfully enraged Soulcatcher.

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