Lord Jalena was a high-ranking and immensely influential general in the Lady's Empire during The Black Company. Although there is no indication in the Annals that he was a wizard, Croaker still considered him to be "as high as you could get without being one of the Ten Who Were Taken" perhaps by virtue of his wealth, aristocratic background, loyalty to the Lady, or some combination thereof. Croaker would judge Jalena harshly in his Annals for his demeanor and appearance.

The Black Company[edit | edit source]

In Opal[edit | edit source]

Lord Jalena first encountered the Black Company at the high-society restaurant called the Gardens in Opal. He was socializing with other senior officers and a group of young women in a spot called the Camellia Grotto. He took offense to the common clothing being worn by the Captain, One-Eye, Croaker, and the others, and was especially put off by Raven's rags. Jalena left his party, and with his face "puffed and red" and his breath coming "in wheezes" he began to ask the Captain to leave. The Captain respectfully pointed out that he was the guest of Raven. When Jalena turned to confront him, he recognized a man that was supposed to be dead. (Jalena's friends among the Limper's army, with the help of Morningstar, Raven's own wife, had attempted to murder Raven and succeeded in stealing his rights and titles.) In a show of support, the Captain pinned Soulcatcher's badge over Raven's heart. Jalena went pale, and, speechless with disbelief, left the Gardens with his party.

Lord Jalena was informed that, moments after his departure, Raven murdered his own treacherous wife and two of her lovers right there in the Gardens. Jalena sent out a warning to another man who had been involved in the plot to kill Raven. This man escaped Raven's vengeance for three days.

At the Battle of Charm[edit | edit source]

Almost a year later, Lord Jalena was present for the climactic Battle of Charm against the Rebel masses. When the Taken Shapeshifter was defeated and thought to be killed, Jalena took command of Shifter's force, which had been drawn from the western and southern portions of the empire. His banner replaced Shifter's. As the battle progressed, Jalena's troops wavered and were pushed by the Rebel toward one of the retaining walls outside the Tower. When Journey put on an inspirational display behind them with a blazing spear, Jalena's men regained their confidence and pushed the Rebel back briefly. They were routed shortly afterward when the Rebel's wooden siege ramps arrived.

Lord Jalena is not mentioned again in the Annals. Only a fraction of his men would survive the battle, however, so his likelihood of surviving the infamous bloodbath is slim.

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