Jahamaraj Jah was the second-highest-ranking official of the Shadar religion in Taglios when the Black Company arrives there in Shadow Games. His personal patron is Khadi, a Shadar avatar of Kina. He is impressive for a Taglian, six feet and two hundred pounds, half a foot taller than average and much more massive. His skin is fairer than most (a desirable trait from the Taglian perspective) and he is quite handsome. Jah's political machinations were typical of the Taglian priests in the Books of the South.

Shadow GamesEdit

When the Black Company first arrives in Taglios, Jah's daughter is suffering from appendicitis. Croaker, the Company's Captain and a very experienced physician, heals her in exchange for Jah's loyalty. Jah informs Croaker that the head of the Shadar religion, Ghojarindi Ghoj, is sending cult assassins to kill Croaker. Croaker uses Frogface to spot the six assassins, and they are captured. The Nar impale all six of them to send a very public message to anyone who would seek to do the Company harm. When Ghojarindi Ghoj flees westward, Croaker has him assassinated (presumably by One-Eye) in "a sudden, dramatic surfeit of boils", and Jahamaraj Jah becomes the leader of the Shadar in Taglios.

Jah, along with the other head priests, is encouraged to form an army to fight against the Shadowmasters' forces, which are preparing to assault Taglios once the Main's water level has lowered. Jah, along with Lady and her calvary force, assault the Shadowlanders and defeat them at one of the lesser fords. He then circles behind the main body of troops at Battle of Ghoja Ford and harasses survivors of the battle there.

Once Ghoja was over, Croaker conscripted most of Jah's forces into the Taglian legions to replace loses suffered by his legions.

Dreams of SteelEdit

After the Taglian forces are defeated at Dejagore, he quickly retreats north to Ghoja Ford with what forces he was able to gather, in an attempt to seize power. He leads an inept band of troops at the ford for a time, but is ultimately assassinated by Lady, who uses her strangling rumel, with her Deceiver allies Narayan Singh and Sindhu as arm-holders.

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